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12 integrated leds - Break Light - A warning mode - 8 hours battery life

Raylier - Warning
Break Light
Raylier - BOLT
8 hours battery life
Raylier - Leather
100 % Leather!
Raylier - CE
Full CE level 2 Armour- Back Protector Included

Class leading protection

Each jacket includes high end protectors, using visco-elastic materials. Widely considered as the most effective way of protecting you.

Style & Safety

Countless hours of development and testing make sure we offer a very high quality jacket, discret and stylish

At Raylier, we would rather be

safe than sorry

As bikers we face the road and it’s danger daily.

Among our challenges, communicating with the other road users, the main cause beeing the lack of visibilty.

Raylier proudly presents the first jacket to integrate powerful LED. Making you more visible and safer.

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